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KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit

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Discover Advanced Aspects Of Wind Turbine Technology

  • Perform all of the same investigations as the Basic Wind Experiment Kit with the ability to generate more power at higher voltages from 0.5 V to 20 V
  • Discover advanced concepts of wind turbine technology, including gearboxes, mechanical power, effect of load on output, blade variables and power output, power curves and power and energy
  • Students can use the blades they design to generate electricity, lift weights, and pump water
  • Activities include: design and comparing turbine blades, generate electricity, measure power output, lift weights, light L.E.D.’s, charge capacitors, compare airfoils and flat blades and pump water
  • This kit is recommended for grades 7–12 and college



  • Assembled height: 24”
  • Maximum blade diameter: 36”
  • Maximum number of blades: 12
  • Expected power output: 0 to 2 watts