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Makey Makey Classic Kit

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  • Works just like a USB keyboard or mouse, sending keyboard and mouse signals to your computer by opening and closing circuits, just like any other button
  • The circuit is closed through the conductive objects you connect with alligator clips like your hand, a banana, or some tinfoil and when the circuit is closed, the Makey Makey sends a command to your computer - just plug, clip, and play
  • Advance to additional inputs and multi-key remapping up to 18 keys
  • Works on any device that supports a USB keyboard or mouse on Windows, Mac or Chromebook
  • Includes Makey Makey board, USB cable, 7 alligator clips, 6 connector wires, instructions with visual project start guide, online documentation and 20 color stickers
  • Recommended for grades 3 and up
  • No programing knowledge needed or software to install and setup takes just seconds