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SawStop Compact Table Saw, 10"

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SawStop patented safety system, detects contact between skin and blade, rack and pinion fence is easy to adjust or remove and always square.  Quick-tilt bevel with micro adjustments allows easy tilt to ideal angle with just one hand and dial in precise settings with the micro-adjust feature

  • 15A, 1.5 HP, 1 Ph, 120V, 60 Hz, Universal
  • 4000 RPM, 68 lbs.
  • Maximum rip capacity 25-1/2”
  • Maximum depth of cut, blade at 0 ̊-3-1/8”
  • Max depth of cut, blade at 45 °- 2-1/8”
  • Accepts 10” x 5/8” arbor blade
  • Size: 31” x 27” x 18”
  • Not compatible with dado blades
  • Stand not included
  • Includes: Saw, 24-TPI ripping blade, push stick, table saw insert, miter gauge, brake cartridge, riving knife and blade guard

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